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Romtex's employees are our greatest assets. All employees are well trained and work together as a team. We maintain a diverse group of people with vast experience in the machining industry and value experience, but we also welcome young people who will help to carry our machine shop into the future. Whether it be a craftsman with 30 years' experience or a young trainee, all employees know they are empowered and can contribute to the company's future.

Our Employees:
• Sales, Technical Inquiries: Kevin Motsinger
• Sales: Malcolm Nicholl
• Office Manager: Lena Motsinger
• A/P: Jeanette Golik
• General Manager: Marissa Hopkins
• Foremen: Rick Witek, Sebastian Bartnik, Henry Vega (Nights)
• Finances, Maintenance, CAD/CAM, IT, Equipment Purchasing,
  Webmaster: Ed Golik

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